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This new ad campaign by Manitoba Opera read as such:

If you think that opera singers are all generously proportioned viking amazons, we’ve got news for you: times have changed. To prove our point, we’d like to introduce Monica Huisman to you. She’s one of the stars in Manitoba Opera’s upcoming world premiere production, Transit of Venus. Not only is Monica a rising international opera singer, she’s a terrific actor. She’s from Winnipeg and as you can see, she definitely defies the stereotype. And Monica is not alone. In fact, you won’t find a single 50-year-old, 260-pound, has-been soprano playing a teenager in any of our shows. Unless of course, the story calls for one. At Manitoba Opera we’re not only committed to bringing you the best singers available, we’re committed to giving you the best theatrical experience anywhere. Our singers are required to not only deliver the goods vocally, they’re required to deliver. Period.

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